PPI Premiere Products

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Attagel 2oz
ATTAGEL is a thickening agent that can be used with Green Marble Aging Concentrate to create the mos..
Blue Marble SeLr Spray 4oz
BLUE MARBLE SeLr SPRAY is a water based alternative to the tougher  Green Marble SeLr Spray and..
Fleet Street Blood Pastes
FLEET STREET BLOOD PASTES add dimension to the liquid Bloodworks products.  BLOOD PASTES stay i..
Fleet Street Dirtworks Dirt-Tac 4oz
DIRTWORKS DIRT-TAC is a clear gel made to be used with the Dirtworks Dirt Bag when only a powdered l..
Green Marble Aging Concentrate 1oz
GREEN MARBLE AGING CONCENTRATE offers a subtle approach to aging, from just a couple of years to man..
Green Marble Selr Spray 4oz
GREEN MARBLE SeLr  was originally designed to seal makeup and prevent it from rubbing off on co..
Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive 4oz
TELESIS 5 SILICONE ADHESIVE is a medical grade, pressure sensitive adhesive, perfect for bonding sil..
Telesis 5 Thinner 4oz
TELESIS 5 THINNER  is a  non-flammable, medical grade Thinner designed for diluting Telesi..
Telesis 8F Silicone Adhesive
TELESIS 8F SILICONE ADHESIVE is the newest addition to the evolution of the Telesis silicone adhesiv..
Telesis Beta Bond Plus 2oz
BETA BOND PLUS - While the original Beta Bond is known for its great vertical hold, BETA BOND PLUS p..
Telesis Beta Solv 2oz
This high solvency formulation is remarkably effective in removing Beta Bond, Beta bond Plus and Bet..
Telesis Super Solv 4oz
SUPER SOLV - Our strongest and most popular adhesive and prosthetic remover.  Hydrocarbon based..
Top Guard Spray 2oz
TOP GUARD SPRAY is now available in a convenient 2 oz. spray for quick and easy applications.  ..